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Kitsap District


AOL Scouts and 5th Graders!

Check out all the great things you can do when you join a Scouts BSA troop near you.

And if you visit at least three troops and turn in a "report card" about your visit to each, we will send you a prize!


Here's how it works:

  1. Get your parent's permission to participate in Webelos to Scout Report card.
  2. Visit at least 3 different Scouts BSA Troops found on THIS LIST (either a meeting or an activity).
  3. Submit a total of three Report Cards telling us about your visit to each troop.
  4. You're done! If you gave us your contact information we'll send you a prize!
  5. BONUS rounds! You can do this as many times as you want to! More prizes are available


Here's more information for you and your parents:

  • About Scouts BSA [LINK]
  • What parents should ask when selecting a Scout troop [  pdf LINK ]
  • BeAScout [LINK]
  • Printable SCORECARD you can take to your Troop visits (but you have to enter your report cards online using the link in step 3 above).

Scouts is FUN and helps boys and girls become CONFIDENT and CAPABLE

Boys and girls can join a Scouts BSA troop if they are 11 years old, OR they have completed 5th grade, OR they earned the Cub Scout Arrow of Light and are 10 1/2 years old.

Contact troops or crews directly to find out more about them. You can join any troop or crew, even if it's not the closest tone to where you live!