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Frequently Asked Questions (with answers)

V-1 May a Venturer earn the Eagle Scout Rank?

Yes. If you earned the First Class Rank as a Boy Scout in a troop or as a Varsity Scout in a team, you may continue working toward Star, Life, and Eagle Scout ranks until your 18th birthday.

V-2 What Venturing positions count as a "position of responsibility" for rank advancement?

President, vice president, secretary, and treasurer in a Venturing crew, and boatswain, boatswain's mate, yeoman, purser, or storekeeper in a Sea Scout ship.

V-3 May a Venturer earn rank advancement after age 18?

Rank advancement may not be earned after you turn 18. There are some awards that can be earned by Venturers until age 21. One example is that, if you earn the required merit badges before you turn 18, you have until your 21st birthday to earn the Hornaday Award.

V-4 What are the standards for the Bronze, Gold, and Silver awards and the Ranger award? 

For information on these, see the Venturer Handbook. For more information on the Ranger program, see the Ranger Guidebook. Other Venturing awards are available also. 

V-5 Can we turn in advancement reports on disk?

Yes! Current versions of Troopmaster 2000 (v 1.10 or later) are compatible with ScoutNET, the program used by the council and by the national office. Those versions will prepare a disk file for advancement reports that you can turn in on disk. In fact, PLEASE do so. Advancement reports on disk are much faster for the council staff to process, and there are fewer mistakes. If you identify your unit & a contact person on the disk label, you will get your disk back. We still need a printed report too, with signatures. And no, we cannot take the reports by e-mail yet. We recommend and support the use of TroopMaster/PackMaster. If you are using other unit management software, please inquire about compatibility with the council customer service manager at the Seattle service center, 206-725-5200.