The Chief Seattle Council office be closed to the public until year end. Support staff will be available Tuesday – Friday from 10am – 5pm via phone and email. Shop will be closed indefinitely. Please read this announcement (updated 11/16) for more information.


Kitsap District


The official current list of Merit badges are at

*  Due to volunteerism changes: is in the process of moving under US Scouts service project site

Although the worksheets are a great tool the worksheets do not in and of themselves measure if the Merit badge is complete. 


Merit Badge Counselor Registration Check List   

Most registration problems are caused by the paperwork not being turned in together or by the adult
application being incomplete. Here are the items you want to turn in, together (NOTE: if anything is missing, you
may have to start the process over):

 Your Merit Badge Counselor Information sheet (,

 A copy of your Youth Protection certificate (Y01). If you are not sure, check with the Scout Office at 206-725-
5200 for acceptable dates on the certificate. (,

 Adult application and pdf Background Check Form

 If you are already registered in another position in Chief Seattle, you do not need to turn in a new application.

CATCH: you do need to make sure you are registered by doing one of the following:
• Check the expiration date on your BSA registration card
• Check with your committee chair - are you on the unit (district) roster in my.Scouting,org?
• Call your district executive at 928-710-1895


Many Kitsap District Merit Badge counselors use of Scoutbook to track and support youth in the district. Eventually this will be the only tool.

Some units have not yet transitioned to Scoutbook and as such those Troop Committee members are supported through the District Advancement team.


For Scoutbook edification:  The Merit Badge Counselor guide is located here,  The Unit Leader guide is located here, a Video on the process is located here.




The District holds a Merit Badge Clinic during the winter. The clinic is typically three Saturday's for about 4 hours a day where a classroom atmosphere provides for sessions for youth to sign up and work on a multitude of subjects. This re-enforces with the all scouts the reach and size of the District and it's neighboring districts demonstrating the total number of people active in Scouting. 


The portal used for the Merit Badge Clinic for Winter 2019-2020 is .


The clinic is currently open for registration of registered scouts. Webelos Arrow of Light scouts that are transitioning to a troop before the first day of the clinic may register through that troop to get a start on the Merit Badges.

The sessions fill up quick. This year in just the first four hours of registration 134 scouts signed up for over 385 classes. Over 44 Merit Badge Counselors came together.

In order to add more sessions more Merit badge counselors are needed on that subject. If you are willing to support then please contact the Clinic team


Saturday, January 11, 2020, Saturday, January 25, 2020 and Saturday, February 08, 2020  is the registration portal


Class offered   9:00 AM 10:00 AM 11:00 AM
American Heritage        
Citizenship in the Community        
Citizenship in the Nation         
Citizenship in the World        
Digital Technology        
Disability Awareness        
Family Life        
First Aid        
First Aid for Advancement        
Game Design        
Indian Lore        
Life to Eagle        
Movie Making        
Nuclear Science        
Personal Management        
Public Speaking        
Scouting Heritage         
Space Exploration        
Traffic Safety        

 This year the location for the Merit Badge Clinic is:

Old Suquamish Tribal Center

15838 Sandy Hook Road Northeast
Poulsbo, WA 98370
Saturdays, 8:45 A.M. to Noon