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Benefiting Chief Seattle Council and Your Unit


Use the search bar below to find out if your employer has a matching program, and if so how to use it.

The Employer Matching and Volunteer Service Hour Programs through Chief Seattle Council help facilitate the Boy Scout and Cub Scout programs by supporting camp maintenance, council training and events, and quality programming for your Scouts. Anyone who has an approved employer and donates funds or time with Chief Seattle Council is eligible for this program.

The Volunteer Service Hours program includes a special thank-you to our valued volunteers: in return for submitting volunteer hours through your employer we offer Scout Bucks. For every 50 hours submitted, Chief Seattle Council will issue your unit two (2) $50 Scout Bucks. These Scout Bucks can be used to pay for the following Chief Seattle Council camps and council or district run activities:

  • Summer Camp
  • NYLT
  • Wood Badge
  • Day Camp
  • PTC Training
  • Parent/Pal Camp
  • Resident Camp
  • Leader Training
  • Council Jamboree
  • Council Venturing Activities
  • District Activities
  • Purchases at the Seattle and Silverdale Scout Shops

See the back of the Scout Bucks or the frequently asked questions below for more details on how they may be used and how they are issued.

There are many local companies that offer a volunteer service hour program including Boeing, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Adobe, and Alaska Airlines. To find out if your employer has a program use the search bar above.

Each company has their own set of rules regarding their program. For this reason, Chief Seattle Council may not know the specific rules or criteria for your employer. We encourage you to search for your employer above. All hours must be submitted through your employer first. Chief Seattle Council cannot facilitate the initial submission of hours.

Thank you, your participation in this unique program makes a difference in the lives of youth throughout our Council!


Frequently Asked Questions about our Volunteer Service Hour Scout Bucks Program:

How does a unit qualify for the volunteer service hour incentive program?
The unit must have a volunteer who works for a company that offers a volunteer service hour donation program which pays a minimum of $10 per hour donated. Check with your human resources manager or click here to find out if your company offers a volunteer service hour program. Once a unit reaches 50 cumulative hours of paid service hour grants they qualify for Scout Bucks.

If there are two volunteers in my unit who work for different companies, does each one need to donate 50 hours?
No. We look at the combined total of hours donated for a unit. For example: If Jimmy donates 25 hours through Boeing and Jenny donates 27 hours through Microsoft, the unit would still receive Scout Bucks because both Jimmy and Jenny submitted a combined total of 52 hours on behalf of the same unit. Additionally, since there 2 hours not used, those hours will be put towards the next set of 50 hours donated within the calendar year.

I don’t work for Microsoft or Boeing, but I work for another company that donates money for volunteering my time. Do I qualify for this program?
Yes. Submit your hours through your company to initiate the process. Use the search tool above to find your company and information on how to submit hours. 

When will I receive my Scout Bucks?
Scout Bucks are issued quarterly since most companies pay for volunteer hours on a quarterly basis. We can only issue Scout Bucks for volunteer hours we have already received payment for. You can generally expect to receive Scout Bucks in April, July, October, and January. Scout Bucks are mailed to the Committee Chair of the unit and to the Troop Committee Chair for LDS units.

Do my extra volunteer hours carry over to the next year?
No. Scout Bucks must be earned in the same calendar year. Volunteer hours submitted during the final quarter of the year (October, November, and December) will be distributed as Scout Bucks in January of the next year. However, any extra hours from the final quarter will not be carried over to the new year.

How may I use my Scout Bucks?
Bring your Scout Bucks to the Council office to pay for a district or council run event, or stop by the Scout Shop to pick up program supplies. Scout Bucks must be tendered in person or via mail.

Can I use Scout Bucks to pay for items over the phone?
No. Scout Bucks must be tendered in person. They cannot be emailed, faxed, or photo copied in any way. They can, however, be mailed into the council office with camp payments or registration.

Will I receive change for my Scout Bucks if I spend less than $50?
No, change is not given for Scout Bucks. Each $50 Scout Buck is used in its entirety during a transaction.

Can the Scout Bucks be used to pay for district events such as Klondike and Merit Badge Weekends?
Yes. They can be used for any district or council run activity that benefits youth. For example, a marble tournament would qualify.

Can I use Scout Bucks to rent a council camp or equipment for my unit?
No. Scout Bucks can only be used towards council or district sponsored activities, not specific unit activities.

Why can’t I use Scout Bucks for Scout Night at the… (Insert team name here)?
Even though these events are made available through Chief Seattle Council and sponsored by the council, they are not run by the council. Scout Bucks can only be used towards payment of a council/district run event. The same would apply for any other activity that would take place outside of a council facility except those mentioned on the back of Scout Bucks.

Can Scout Bucks be used to reimburse someone for prior Scout Shop purchases or Council activities?

It says that I can spend the Scout Bucks at the Scout Shop, does this include the Trading Post at camp?
No. Scout Bucks cannot be used for purchases made at camp.

Can I use Scout Bucks at other councils?
No. The Scout Bucks incentive program is provided and facilitated by Chief Seattle Council. Other councils will not recognize Scout Bucks as a form of payment.

Note: Chief Seattle Council reserves the right to cancel this program at any time or deny any unit eligibility.