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Internet AdvancementInternet AdvancementCub Scout Packs, Scouts BSA Troops, Varsity Scout Teams, and Venturing Crews can process their advancement on Internet Advancement.

Internet Advancement lets unit leaders (Pack, Troop, Team, Crew) record youth advancement to their BSA member records at any time throughout the year.

Ranks and earned awards will be added to the youth member records and submitted to the BSA's ScoutNET system. This will update the youth member's record and the unit advancement statistics as they are achieved.

How Internet Advancement Works?


  • Receive the unit ID from the Council Office (206-725-5200) or unit commissioner.
  • Gather information for advancement. For example, merit badge applications (Blue Cards) and advancement records with dates.
  • Select the unit advancement volunteer. This person must have Internet connectivity and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Other Web browsers may not provide full functionality.
  • Go to the Internet Advancement website as a first-time user, and then log on with the unit ID, unit type, and four-digit unit number (add a zero if you have three digit number). After this initial set-up, the advancement volunteer will continue using the unit ID and user-selected password in the future as a returning user. Create a password that can be used by all unit volunteers and passed down.
  • View the Frequently Asked Questions web page.
  • After log on, the system will use the information from ScoutNET. The unit advancement volunteer completes the following three stages during Internet Advancement to submit each report: Load Roster, Update Member, and Submit Roster.

Filing Advancement Reports

The Unit Advancement volunteers completes the following 3 stages during Internet Advancement to submit each report:

  1. Load Roster: You must click Load Roster each time you log in to obtain your unit's current roster information. If you are using unit management software (Scout Book, Troopmaster, Cubtrails, etc.) follow the steps to upload advancement files.
  2. Update member: Once you have loaded the roster, you can select members for advancement. You will see a list of all the youth members. Click Ranks, Merit Badges, or Awards to the left of the name for which you wish to record an advancement. Here's the link for more information on updating members.
  3. Submit Roster: Once all advancements have been entered, you can submit the advancement report to the council. You must submit the advancement report at the council office to purchase advancement patches.
  4. Print a paper copy of Advancement Report. The Advancement Report will update the council records automatically, but you will need to bring the paper copy of the report with you to purchase awards.

Benefits of Internet Advancement

  • The Internet Advancement System is easy to use and your unit's advancement reporting will improve.
  • BSA rank advancement rules are enforced. The unit will be able to record advancements to youth member records. You will also be able to print a unit roster at any time. The roster lists all of the current registered youth, and includes the person ID # for each adult and youth member. Below are other reports available from Internet Advancement:
    • Unit Advancement Summary
      Lists advancement records for each current member of the unit.
    • Advancement Report
      Lists each youth member that have new ranks, merit badges, and awards. This is the official unit Advancement Report that needs to be signed and submitted to the Scout Shop for purchase or advancement patches.
    • Unit Awards Summary
      Lists the number of new ranks, merit badges, and awards by name as a shopping list.
    • Advancement Update Summary
      Lists any ranks, merit badges, and awards that were already in the member record and were updated online.