What is "Wood Badge"?  Leadership skills training for adult Scouters in all programs, from Cubs through Venturing

Who is it for?  You! If you have completed basic training for your Scouting position, then Wood Badge is for you. Everyone should attend Wood Badge within 2 years of completing their basic position training. This includes Cub, Boy Scout, Venturing, and Sea Scout leaders; committee members at the unit, district, and council level; and even Scouting professionals.

 Why should I attend?  Wood Badge teaches practical leadership skills including better communications, conflict management, team development, project planning, and more. It does so while demonstrating how Scouts and Scouters work together in a fun camp setting. The skills you gain from Wood Badge give you a common leadership framework to use through all Scouting programs, as well as in your job, church, community, and family. Wood Badge is useful, fun, and inspiring. People who have been trained professionally, such as in the military or business, as well as professional trainers, frequently remark that Wood Badge delivers first class leadership training more effectively than other training they have had. In addition, you will meet and work with Scouters from all over our council who can answer questions, discuss problems, share experiences, and become contacts you can call on for years.

What does it cost?

The primary cost is your time. Wood Badge in Fall is a 5 day program delivered over 2 weekends. That's a lot of time, but it's worth it. Most people have to take time off work or away from family, so you need to build Wood Badge into your plans, and the sooner you can attend the better. The course fee is $245, which covers all meals and program materials. Get two or more to come from your unit and gain a group discount! This is an extremely small fraction of the cost of any equivalent course outside of Scouting. Some companies may even pay for your training too!  If the fee is a financial challenge, let us know.

Where is it held? 

The course takes a full five days, from about 7:00 a.m. the first day to about 5:00 p.m. the last day of each weekend.  You must be there for all of both weekends (on the same course).  Once you have been on course, that requirement will make a lot of sense.

Here is more information, or you can email WoodBadge@SeattleBSA.net

2019 Spring Course, at Camp Parsons

Dates: April 26–28 AND May 18–19, 2019 (Five FULL days packed with information, fun, understanding, and more)
Location: Camp Parsons (on the Hood Canal)
Cost: $245
Course DirectorJason Carson
Registration: Fall 2019 Wood Badge

2019 Fall Course, at Camp Pigott

Dates: September 20–22 AND October 12–13, 2019 (Five FULL days packed with information, fun, understanding, and more)
Location: Camp Pigott (near Monroe, WA)
Cost: $245
Course DirectorFiona Bryant
Registration: link will be posted soon. 

Regarding Payment

  • The fee for the course is $245.  You pay at least a $100 deposit when you sign up (not refundable) and the balance no later than 60 days before the course.
  • If you paid the deposit but you have not yet paid in full, please pay the balance no later than two months before course.


Here is what some recent Wood Badge graduates had to say:

“This was a very impressive program, I truly want to share it with all the adult leaders in my pack. “

“I was unsure about signing up for this course, the commitment, what is the value?  Now, I do not have enough space to describe how valuable this experience has been.  It has been a life changing experience that will not only help me in scouting but also in my family, at work, and in my church callings, as well as any other aspect in my life that is to come. Thank you all!”


“I was blown away with all the aspects of this course!”

 “The fact that the program is in an outdoor setting with enthusiastic staff really sets the positive tone.”

 “Better than any management course I have ever taken.  Every element I can take back to my unit.”

 “My only regret is that I did not take this course sooner!”

 Have more questions?  We have answers and would be happy to talk with you and help you take that next big step! We're looking forward to seeing you at Wood Badge!

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